Marketing videos


Storytelling through Imagery & Video

This video is more of "Documentary Style". I was hired to photograph this beautiful retreat in a journalistic approach, and I put this video together in a way to tell their extraordinary, emotional experience and to also help potential consumers understand what actually goes on to help them say yes to this. 

Storytelling through Testimonials

This next video incorporates a beautiful client testimonial. I carefully choreographed the placement of the images to go along with the audio. The audio is from an attendee of the retreat. On the last day, this woman had shared with us what she had just journaled that morning. It was such a beautiful and real recollection of the events of the retreat, so we asked her if she would record her voice reading it and use it for the video. 

Storytelling with Your "Why"

When I did my research for this client, I came across a facebook post she had written months ago. It stopped me in my tracks and I knew it was perfect to help her tell her hearts story around her "why"...why she does what she does, and the value of it. I had her record her voice reading it, and I carefully selected pictures she already had that made sense to the corresponding words.

There's so many options we can play with, and these are just a few examples to give you some ideas of what is possible and help give us a starting point of where you would like to go from here.