I’m here to liberate

not perpetuate society’s effed up standards of beauty

I no longer follow the “rules” or standard procedures.

I’m not here to play on your insecurities and sell to you with body shaming “before and after” pictures that mess with your mind and perpetuate the shitty societal definitions of “beautiful”. Your BEFORE picture is actually what I want to capture! How you felt BEFORE you started to innocently believe in all the lies that tell you that you aren’t good enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, etc.

I’m not here to make you feel like you need a fancy dress (that isn’t you), or fake eyelashes (if you don’t normally wear them), or need extensive makeup or photoshopping in order to feel beautiful and allow yourself to be photographed. Nope…NOPE…HELL NO.

I’m not here to pose or choreograph your every movement to only get “your best angles”. I’m here to document you in a journalistic approach that captures authentic, meaningful images of you. Because this world needs more REAL, and needs YOU- FULLY EXPRESSSED. We need real bodies, real smiles, real tears, and the real wrinkles and double chins that happen when we laugh and age!!!

I’m here to help liberate you from diet culture, fat phobia, body shaming, etc.

“Every body is a beautiful body” (that’s a quote from my friend Amy), and I will not do excessive photoshopping to said body. I’m not here to do further damage on your soul by manipulating you to fit into a “box”. The box sucks y’all. I’m here to help you get out of it…not stay in it!

Disclaimer: some people aren’t ready to be out of the “box”.

We all stay in it or evolve through it differently. Some don’t even know they are in it or perpetuating it- it’s just so ingrained in us and there are fancy ways to decorate/camouflage it. Everybody has different experiences with this, and that’s OK. There doesn’t need to be any judgments around it. I OFTEN accidentally slip in and out of old thought patterns. I don’t think it’s something that will ever go away completely. The volume of old negative thoughts will just be turned up or turned down, and we do the work to keep our radio tuned in on the station that best serves us.

Just know, wherever you are at with the relationship you have with YOU will determine how you “BE” before, during, and after a photoshoot.

For some, the actual action of doing a photoshoot can be anywhere on the spectrum from terrifying, emotional, to absolutely joyful and liberating. When it comes to seeing the images for the first time, it’s the same way…it can either be hard because it’s been a long time since you allowed yourself to be seen and you still reject parts of yourself, OR it can actually be a very beautiful, liberating, and healing process to finally allow yourself to acknowledge and respect your body, your beauty, and your truth. There’s no right or wrong way. You get to have your own way of experiencing this…without judging it. You get to be scared, cry, or twirl with joy.

It’s your right to BE where you are at, and I will be there holding a safe and supportive space for you.

The images we create together- you might instantly love or even hate. They also might be so sacred that they are just for you to see. And it’s all perfect because all I’m here to do is provide an opportunity for YOU to show up for YOU. And to reinforce your birthright to be seen and celebrated.

It’s totally normal if that feels scary. I would be a liar if I said I don’t still struggle or get nervous going into photoshoots too. It’s taken a long time and constant effort for me to allow myself to show up in front of AND behind the camera as the person and artist I REALLY am.

Just know- I am always walking a similar path as you, and we can fall apart, be messy, and feel terrified and liberated TOGETHER :) I can’t imagine a better way.