The world can’t not change with this lady doing her thang.

Thank you Keri-Anne Livingstone for creating this container and inviting me into the most beautiful space of sisterhood I have ever witnessed. I have an unwavering faith in myself and women again.

Thank you ladies Lisa McCallumAngela M. SmithAudra ErwinKelly Crowe Guiberson, Shayla Roulston for all that you were…and for allowing me into this sacred space to capture the realness.

Your truth is beautifully potent.

And thank you Anna Kristina Jarosz-Loomis for unknowingly creating the most perfect music that helps us celebrate what this event was all about…a love that we can hold first for ourselves and then to others.

We are our own love story. And there is a part of us that will always patiently wait until we are ready to fully accept ourselves. "I want to tell you more and more that I love you.” How radical is that :)