I was driving today listening to my favorite album, A Star is Born, and the LOVE song “Is That Alright With You” came on.

I felt the nudge to listen to this song with different ears…as if it was a part of me that was singing/communicating to another part of me…

I was reminded of how we are our OWN love story…something I discovered during the Radical Acceptance Retreats hosted by Keri-Anne Livingstone. And these lyrics struck a literal chord in me:

✨I would be honored if you would take me AS I AM

✨I want you to LOOK right in my EYES

✨To TELL me YOU LOVE ME, to BE by my SIDE.

These powerful words beautifully describe what I hold space for with my camera. This photography element I offer is never just about the pictures…it’s an opportunity…just like the retreat is…to experience and show up for yourself differently...with no expectations of what that “should” look like.

Allowing yourself to be photographed with this intention is such a powerful declaration of respect to YOU by YOU…it’s you honoring your body, your story, your emotions, your expressions- ALL the pieces of you- however they show up…AS IS…in that moment.

Would it be radical to say that letting yourself experience being seen, witnessed, and photographed like this…is an embodiment of unconditional LOVE… “To take you as you are, To look at yourself in the eyes, To tell you you love you, To be by your side”.

Gosh it’s an honor to provide an opportunity and hold space for THAT.