Dance with fear.

Dance with done.

Dance with the resistance.

Dance with each other.

Dance with art.

-Seth Godin (The Icarus Deception)

 I do the tango with fear and resistance every day I create art or share it.

Especially with this particular magical shoot…where I traveled wayyyyyyyy outside of MANY comfort zones for it to even happen:

 First, by attending an artist retreat in all the uncomfortable-ness that occurs being an awkward introvert…while also doing the daily emotional/mental work of allowing myself to be seen and show up fully…always kindly reminding myself that I’m worthy of existing and being here in the beautiful body I’m in.

 The second comfort zone I blew up was by volunteering to create art with Sheila during a workshop…in front of a group of peers and an amazing cinematographer…with equipment functions/video techniques that I just learned and I’ve never used before…oh and did I mention this footage is what was going to be used in the second half of the workshop for demonstration purposes. No pressure. Teehee.

 And thirdly…I honored my “unconventional” and sometimes not understood style of shooting...which is less about posing and more about letting intuition direct…and honoring the heart in front of my camera by documenting what wants to be expressed and the essence of who they are. I know…it’s deep…and that’s the way I roll. Publicly declared now.

 I share all of this to do what I’m here to do. To show up for me and to help YOU show up for YOU. To acknowledge the fact that this dance with life/fear/resistance/art can be hard, uncomfortable…AND joyful, AND liberating!

 It may sometimes feel like you might spontaneously combust from showing up so vulnerably. But the benefits of letting yourself be seen and fully expressed brings a huge dose of self-respect and courage to do even more scarier things.

 It also offers opportunities for you and others to experience each others gifts, and introduces amazing likeminded hearts into your world…like Sheila…who come to find out is one of the most amazing humans with the biggest heart and who’s on a similar mission of empowering women. She’s an absolute inspiration and I’m so grateful that we both said yes to this dance with art.


Model/Bright Light/Fellow Body Love Advocate: Sheila Eden

Video shot by and edited by muah…Victorea (Tori) Austin

Filmed during Devin Schiro’s workshop at Brooke Shaden’s Promoting Passion Convention in Joshua Tree.