The weather today was the perfect nudge to show ya something from colder days. Mmmmm colder days…that reminds me of something my soul sista Amy said when I took her out on this winter adventure. She said, “I’ve never been so warm in the cold.”

Those words have stuck in my brain, and I’ve been pondering about how it pertains to not just our fun little photog experience, but to life and how we allow ourselves to feel and move through our internal seasons.

Some of our "winters" and hibernation times are longer than others…and that’s OK. 
We don’t have to make our path wrong or get frozen in self-critique for not being where we “think” we should be. Be warm to yourself…even if you have long “Game of Throne” winters, or if you jump back and forth between seasons like Utah lol.

Nature offers the perfect metaphors, and just how it gives plants a season to rest, rejuvenate, and grow- we get to do the same…without the freak’n frack’n guilt ;)

Joy is our default…our birthright. Did you know that? I didn’t. I thought it was something you had to create. Keri-Anne Livingstone reminded me of that when we were having a conversation about our shared love of nature and how we both incorporate it into our work. Nature helps us shed all the layers- to get back to our default setting of joy.

If you’ve seen any of my videos, you might get the idea of how that works and how much fun we have out there making memories and shedding the crap-olah lol.

So as I move through my own seasons, I’m here to help you do the same. In a few weeks I will be playing along with Keri-Anne at her retreats and creating portraits for the lovely ladies who are attending.

I’ve also left my calendar open a few days in April & May while I’m in Richmond, BC Canada if you want to go hang out or be a part of a my new fine art series I’m creating. It’s a project that’s close to my heart and I would love to invite you to hop on a call with me so we can have some photog fun ☺ Until then, Be warm to you. Muah ☺