This little sucker got delivered

and I am just as excited as I am mother hubbard terrified lol!!!

If it DOESN’T scare the shiz out of you and cause you to throw up, well then you’re probably stuck in a rut and not taking any action in the right direction lol.

That has become my new motto.

Sound crazy? Is that TMI? I don’t care lol. This is my new and improved guide to knowing if I’m on track and doing what I need to be doing lol. And don’t worry. I’m learning how to manage that incredible amount of anxiety that shows up when expanding ;)

This year feels like one big coming out party! Becoming visible where I’ve never allowed myself to be seen before…in my art, my business, my relationships, and my life.

I’ve been expanding at an extraordinary uncomfortable rate.

And I keep getting shocked that I’m still alive lol. Because every scary thing I do- I honestly feel like it’s gonna kill me. But then I do that thing. And I’m still alive! And not just alive, but even MORE alive!

I’ve been surrounded by incredible people who have helped me through my human moments and gently nudge me to keep doing my thang- reminding me this is just how it is…get comfortable with being uncomfortable ;)

I used to crave those kind of relationships. Gosh what a crazy request to have a positive/supportive sisterhood that doesn’t wrong you or bring you down. Mentors and friends who have pure intentions, honor where you are, kindly witness what you are going through, and help you through the fear/doubt/anxiety caused vomit lol.

I didn’t know this kind of sisterhood existed. I was use to hiding my light for fear of being hurt and used by others. But this lady isn’t dimming her light for no one anymore! And since I have shifted something inside of me, more and more amazing women keep entering into my life like Keri-Anne Livingstone, providing the safe place to grow.

So I’m using this passport to do more things that scare the hizzelle out of me.

And even though it’s frightening to go somewhere I’ve never been before, and do things I’ve never done before, I know it’s going to be freaking amazeballs! Because I get to meet and go on this crazy awesome adventure with like minded women who are also showing up with their own baggage to have fun, let loose, be in nature, and reclaim those parts of themselves that have been dying to resurface.

So if reading this makes you excited and/or perhaps a lil bit nauseous from the idea of doing things out of your comfort zone- that’s a pretty gosh darn good sign that it’s for you ;) And if need be, I will be there to hold your hair for you- teehee ;) Come join me on this magical girls trip that my dear friend Keri-Anne Livingstone dreamed up and made real for people like us. I will put the link of awesomeness below.