A special behind the scenes look into our own family photoshoot, and how a personal series was birthed

Crazy Divine Bananas

I gotta share how this all came to be because it gives me goosebumps when I think about it, and it's such a good reminder of just how magical life can be. 

Going into the new year, I felt a nudge to begin a new series...but not just any series, a "levitation" series to visually express the process of one moving up through struggle/pain to healing/transformation. It's a highly personal series inspired by all the ups and downs we experienced in the lovely year of 2017...wink wink lol. 

Before I had shared my ideas for this new series with my hubby, we were talking about doing family pictures for the holidays. He had a plan in mind and sketched it out for me.

He explained how it was us in a V formation like a flock of birds flying above the ground. I began to crazily jump up and down and even did a lil dance party in the kitchen after he showed it to me. We were so on the same page without even knowing it!!! And I thought, what a perfect way to begin this series with my family...who were in the very act of moving through pain, learning lessons, and growing stronger than ever.

Just thinking about it gets me all teary eyed because just the other day I found another special sketch on the kitchen table...this time drawn by my daughter :) And I couldn't be more happier or agree with her more.



I hope your 2018 is awesome and if you want help in making it extra special, I would love to invite you to be a part of the We Rise series :)