I did one crazy thing last year that has created such an amazing ripple effect in my life...

And If I hold it in any longer, I would feel like I’m doing a disservice to my people lol. Last year I made one of my biggest & spontaneous leaps and booked an artist retreat (Promoting Passion by Brooke Shaden) on the other side of the country for my husband and I. Here’s the kicker…I didn’t even consult said husband before I did it lol. It was one of those things I saw and immediately knew we both NEEDED to be there, and if I didn’t take action right then in that moment…I knew I would talk myself out of it.

I remember being so giddy that I called my friend to tell her what I had just done, and she thought I was off my rocker lol. But somehow I just knew in my bones it was the right decision for us. And oh my goodness it was!

When Bill got home from work, I was like one crazy mischievous ball full of excitement and buzzing with energy. He took one look at my ginormous grin on my silly face and asked, “WHAT DID YOU DO?” I started talking really really fast and spilled the beans right there in the hallway. He stood for half a second in shock before we both just started jumping up and down clapping our hands together like kids on Christmas morning lol.


That decision has literally changed the trajectory of our lives. We gained a new family and lifelong friends, Bill and I got to recharge and build our relationship even further, and my inner artist got brave and decided to come out and play.

I’m so grateful I listened to my intuition that day and didn’t dismiss it as the crazy irrational voice lol. All the events from that moment on have led me to where I am now- which is happily packing for my next retreat where I have been asked to create art for the amazing women who are taking a chance on themselves…just like I did a year ago. It’s hosted by my dear friend Kerri-Anne Livingstone, and my heart couldn’t be more happier to share her with you and to go on this adventure and witness the magic that is going to happen for the attendees. 


Let your intuition lead ya…and start falling back in love with life.


I'll leave ya with a tune from Kesha- whom I lovingly call my spirit animal lol. Her music has helped me put my big girl panties on to keep doing my thang ;)