I’m working in my office, and this is the man that peeks in to check in on me, brings me tea, and kisses me on the forehead to reassure me that I AM GOOD for people and encourages me to LIVE and create.

He’s the muscle that helps me battle self hate, insecurities of not feeling enough, and his patience and love is beyond worthy of a gold medal.

He will probably dislike it very much (but will forgive me) that I posted his picture- because believe it or not, this handsome dude has insecurities as well. We ALL do. I think it’s about time we start talking about it. Cause feeling alone sucks. And being open and real sucks less.


I want him and you to know, that despite that pesky arsehole detective that lives in your brain that tells you a bunch of bologna…I’m here to REMIND you…you ARE enough…and you ARE of value.

And it makes me wonder…what kind of world would we live in if everybody could see their worth instead of believing the lies of why they are irrelevant or not enough.

I hope to find out.