I woke up in a daze that morning and felt like crap...until I saw the sky. So I channeled my inner Kloe and said, "Messy hair and I don't care!" I Grabbed my camera and took off in my pjs with a dress in hand on the slippery desert roads and played in the rain and mud while attempting something I've been aching to do for years.

I was blissed out with the dogs the rest of the day and totally wasn't expecting the kids to chew me out for making the seats wet and floors muddy...I made a frigg'n mess lol.

When I posted my adventure to fb, I was asked if I was high. Probably because I've never posted many pictures of myself (I deal with body image issues), and this is the pic I lead with hehehehehehehe.

Yes I was high. High on LIFE. No drugs required. Just rain, mud puddles, a camera, pups, and an open heart that let me be silly and seen with no self critic raining on my parade.

This is what gets me high...letting myself be me...and I'm totally OK with that :) If you want to have some FUN, I'm accepting applications to work with me in 2018. Yahooooooo!!!