It was a few weeks before her wedding...

When we should have been celebrating and having some kind of bachelorette party, but instead she was taking me to doctor appointments and driving hours to help me fight for my health and eye sight (I will tell ya all about it later). She’s one of my people. The kind you know that the stars had a hand in helping us find each other. 

We were curled up on her comfy couch in her new beautiful home talking about the life she was creating with her soon to be hubby. We were sharing stories, giggling, crying...and healing.

She looked up at me and said, “You know what he told me…he said he was put here on Earth to make me laugh.”

Those words stuck with me…

And when the sun set on her beautiful wedding day, my cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much, and I looked at her before I gave her one last big hug and said, “I get it. He IS here to make you laugh, isn’t he!”

How amazing is that...

To know that you provide that kind of value to a person! So many of us are still trying to see what value we bring to the table…searching for our purpose…not seeing it, even when it’s right in front of us. 

Now, I’m not a wedding photographer nor do I want to be one, but I couldn’t say no to my person. And she didn’t know when she asked me to take a few casual family pics for her that the process would rekindle and help me see the value that I’m able to create. Not only did she help me feel unconditionally loved by being the kind of friend she is, but she helped me see my purpose again…to remind me I am of value as a photographer…that the art I create will be treasured tangible memories to accompany the great love story they get to share.

So to my soul sista Allie...Thank You! I have a feeling that a purpose of yours is to help people see and fulfill theirs. Love you both so much. And I can’t wait to see the next chapter of your love story play out. Muah!!! 

People, I was put here to create meaningful-healing art for you...

 Take a look around, get inspired, and lets stay in touch and perhaps help you along with what YOU were put here to do :)

Best Regards,