I’ve decided I need to get used to life exploding.

It’s just not going to slow down or get easier. Especially when you’re a mama in charge of lil humans lol.

It’s been a long few weeks, and yesterday we dropped everything and decided we needed a family day. Everybody was tired, a lil awnry, and just emotionally and physically drained. So we loaded up the car with the kids and the pups to go for a walk in one of our favorite spots.

Sunshine + Storm Clouds

As the tires hit the dirt road, the scenery became flat desert land, and you could see for miles where the mountains surrounded us in a U-shape. Even though it was sunny where we were, the mountains in every direction around us were being decorated by storm clouds.


We hopped out of the car, and walked to a hidden pond- trying to miss every mud puddle on the way. When we reached to the top of the hill that overlooks the water, a surprising scenery was waiting for us. The water was a bright deep blue color and we all gasped because we had never seen it look like that before.

Nightmares of a Photographer

We took a few more steps and all of the birds that were hanging out that evening burst out of the water. There were geese honking, and ducks flying, and then all of a sudden 2 huge blue herons appeared out of the tall grass and took off making their crazy cool bird noises. We were all just standing there in awe…with no camera to document it of course. Some things are just meant to be experienced without a lens getting in the way I guess. As we were watching all of these birds fly around us, we noticed movement on the hill across the pond. There was a herd of antelope witnessing these sights as well. We could have stayed there for hours, but the wind picked up and the storms that were in the mountains were making their way to our sunshine.


On our way back, my 7 year old son was admiring the experience we just had and seeing the crazy cool clouds dancing on the mountains, he said in his happy nostalgic voice, “Nature is so beautiful.”

I would have to agree with my lil buddy.

Nature and Life is beautiful…and stormy… and messy. And I finally understood how you CAN experience every emotion under the RAINBOW at the same time. How you can be in emotional and/or physical pain, but also feel inspired and grateful and hopeful. And despite whatever you are going through at the current moment, you’re still allowed to experience joy at the same dang time.

So Here is what I know for sure:

  • At your center, you are in charge of creating your own sunshine.

  • In the distance, there will be plenty of storms to weather through.

  • But you get to choose if you’re gonna stick around and experience every spectrum of the metaphorical RAINBOW.

  • Oh, and don't miss every mud puddle ;) The fun & giggles are totally worth it.


I'll leave you with my absolute favorite song by Imagine Dragons That I play on my stormy days.

They recorded it in the desert. How Cool ;)