Why sweating the small stuff is a luxury

OK, silly story first. My cousin (the lovely lady in the photo) gets the credit for introducing me to Yoga, which in turn gets credit for helping me get through life. I fell in love with it instantly, which is strange for a gal who hates public exercise lol ;) Don’t get me wrong, there was a lot I hated about it too: like the crazy sweating, poses I can’t physically do, and especially the discomfort of "trying" to do yoga in front of people.

But despite all of that, I fell in love with the feeling I got for showing up and the brain power (emotional peace) it gave me.

The infamous snuggy attack:

One day I was in a hurry and rushed to the studio wearing the wrong undies to yoga class, and the price I paid for not changing was having to endure a perma-snuggy the entire time. It gets worse!!! I was in the very front row where everybody could see.

I don't even know if they did, but after that delightful experience, I didn’t return to the studio for a very long time! I lived in yoga-snuggy-shame. I feel so silly. But there's a purpose to this story beyond embarrassing myself...again...

A few months later a for-realsy gawd awful life event happened and it put shiz into perspective…

It was the kind of news that literally brings you to your knees, and if you let it take ahold of you, it will destroy you. During this time my brain craved what Yoga Magic did for it. And after a year of snuggy silence, I allowed myself to practice yoga in public again…

Because here’s the deal: 

When life flips you upside-down and shakes you until you say Uncle, it’s really just trying to give you perspective. And you realize that sweating the small stuff was actually living a life of luxury...kinda. 

This realization was a metaphorical slap in the face for me.

It screamed Wake Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your self imposed limiting beliefs aren’t real. They are lies that are holding you back from really living. The whole not feeling good enough to _(fill in the blank)_ is bull shiz!

Letting go of your limiting beliefs:

Even though I just used my silly yoga story to make a point, we hold ourselves back from really living for other reasons. We're afraid of what people will think, we don't want to let people down, we don't want to be judged, we believe we are unworthy, etc. And we get so stuck in these old ways of thinking that it stops us in our tracks from ever moving forward.

We choose to stay in this mode, not because it's good, but because it's what we know. And the fear of venturing out into the unknown is real. Those fears, those old beliefs are just lies we tell ourselves to keep safe. But they don't work. They are like wearing boy shorts to yoga. They will be a pain in your arse until you take them off and get rid of them. Make your piece with them and throw em out. 

YOU are what matters now.

Let go of the lies of unworthiness that you told yourself. Because you are worthy of the life and love you crave. 

One day life is going to get real and do the flipp-idy flop, and you will discover you lived in self hate disguised as reality. And all the sweating the small stuff, and holding yourself back added up and robbed you of experiencing joy. 



Know that you are enough. 

See your life beyond the self-imposed limiting beliefs.

Celebrate your story, your booty, the messy crazy journey that got you here, and the next chapter that you are creating.


And create it from anew PERSPECTIVE

Just wait till you hear this part...I saved the best for last!

When my cousin’s children first saw this picture from afar, they didn't see her...they saw a bird. Do you see it? I outlined it in black for you. I took the picture and I couldn’t even see it! And I couldn’t have created this on purpose if I wanted to lol. It was a happy magical accident, and none of us would have been able to see it without the perspective of a child.

The crazy cool magic

Here's where it gets super interesting. My cousin and I call the desert where this picture was taken our sanctuary. It's a shared sacred space between us. It was once home to Native Americans, and they have a meaning attached to the bird that made it’s way into this photo. They believed that ravens communicated deep mysteries and symbolized change and transformation and they were called upon for healing purposes.

People, I can’t make this stuff up!!! And it gives me chill bumps when I think about what transpired for the perfect symbolism to show up for this beautiful cousin of mine.


 If you want to be involved in the crazy-cool transformational magic, let go of your limiting beliefs and join below to hear when the Story Telling Portrait Series begins.

I don't just take pictures. I create art inspired by you.