A Luv Note to the critics

It's actually kinda funny what inspired me to write this post, cause it's not only some awesome resources for the lovely people who subscribe to my content, it's also a luv note to the "haters".

Say what!?

Why would I want to reach out to those people?

Because I'm a heart healer and I don't discriminate lol :)

That, and we're all haters of some kind. Judging ourselves or others and shaming each other into oblivion. I speak from experience. I've been my very worst enemy for years and had a lil mini "V" sitting atop my head controlling my actions...or I should say stifling my actions...like in the movie Inside Out

I always laugh to myself (after the tears of course) when I encounter outside sources of hate. 

When people project their hateful opinions onto you without your consent. It's basically their way of shaming you...reminding you that you're not good enough. And I'm like, man, if you only knew what I tell myself on a daily basis, you would retire your bullying ways. I employ a whole freak'n crew of self haters in my head, so yah your shaming services are no longer needed.

but It's hard to not take it personal

When somebody trolls you, becomes jealous of your progress/life and sends hateful energy your way...or worse...their OPINIONS, it's no bueno! Especially when it's people closest to you that should want the best for you, but secretly want you to suffer. And just so you know, they don't do this because they are happy/healthy people, and you aren't to take their hateful ways or negligence personal! But if we're all here to make a positive influence, those peeps need to be involved in the healing too.

So instead of battling hate with hate, judgement with judgement, shaming with shaming, I choose to meet them with compassion...and tears. Oh the tears that cameth with the hateth!

Let me be frank. It mother-hubbard SUCKS that the people who are suppose to love us the most, hurt us the most.

And here is where the irony kicks in...as individuals we are suppose to love ourselves the very most, but we don't practice self compassion all the time- instead, we employ inner self haters...like why freaking why!?

Because we are all human and have bought into a more deadlier game than the Hunger Games. We're all pawns in the Comparison/scarcity/Shame Game, 2016 Edition!

And there are no winners in this game. There's only losers, and extra sore losers. And who the heck wants to be a sore loser!?

So dear lovely ones, i hope you enjoy my internet favs to help you get out of that crappy shame game (if you are on the receiving or giving end), and onto cheering yourself and others on...




Next to my husband, Brene Brown gets the credit of helping me get brave, own my shiz, and become vulnerable by putting my work & heart out into the world...oh and to not give up the day I launched lol. She's the real deal! And pretty dang funny too!