I'm going to be uber honest here...

I have yet to do or create anything without having to tackle perfeciton-itis first. It creeps into my art AND my life outside of my art. It even crept up when I was preparing this post for you. Ugh!

I've come to terms that it's not something that will ever leave me completely, at least not yet. But everyday I'm collecting more ideas and ways to help me move through it faster. And the more I'm able to stay in action mode, the more momentum it builds. 

A few days ago I was asked to contribute to a project that would assist artists through their creative blocks. And oh man do I know this subject too well lol! But even though I KNOW blocks, looking at it from the perspective of teaching someone how to move through them was a freaking revelation! I never put it down on paper before...and I'm thinking this may very well come in handy for myself in the future lol...win-win. After I finished typing my answer, I realized:

This not only helps me in my creative blocks, but also life blocks and the freaking winter blues!


So here is the #1 cause of all of my blocks &..

The 3 most important things I do to move through them as fast as I can!


The one deep root that is the cause of 99.9% of my creative blocks is…dun-dun-dun…PERFECTION-ITIS!

When I feel this bubbling up to the surface, I acknowledge it for what it is- me buying into the story of “I’m not good enough”. During this time that pesky censor/naysayer gets louder and bigger and blocks any and all creative ideas before they even have a chance to land.




1) Write a big ole permission slip to SUCK! I tell my inner perfectionist- which lets just call her by her real name- Self Hate- to take a vacation today. Today I get to suck, so you’re not needed to keep me “safe” from harming myself from creating crap. I’m going to allow a day of play and creating without judgment.

2) And when that pesky inner voice gets louder…which it will…I take combat action. First thing I do in the morning is crank up my favorite tunes LOUD and have my own lil silly dance/singing shower party. And yah you risk getting caught singing as loud as you can by the UPS man or by some friends who decided to visit on a whim, but that just gives everybody a good laugh and permission to be silly themselves. No Shame ;)

3) Then I treat myself to an “artist date” and immerse myself into nature. My pups and the desert I live by have come to my rescue so many times. When I get back, my brain and body are primed for good stuff!



To Sum it up:

Prepare for Perfection-itis and Trick it Before it Tricks You!


1. Write your permission slip to create without judgment.

2. Have your favorite tunes ready! I like "Worth It" by Fifth Harmony.

3. Get nature dates on your calendar, and get your booty outside.


Don't forget to visit on fb and tell me what you're listening to and where you're goin. I would love to hear your favorite tunes and places that get you from being a bum to getting stuff done!

Oh, and share this with your gal pals if you think they will dig it. I admire the ladies who support and bring each other up! And maybe take them on your next nature adventure.


Much creative luv to ya :)