Holy Smoly :)

Hey there! Welcome to the space that's dedicated to YOU...and that beautiful face you see at the top. What!? You didn't know I have been working endlessly for 7 years to create this just for you!? Well, let me fill you in on a lil secret...

Model: Cameron S.

Model: Cameron S.

I had an epiphany what seems to be like a million years ago. A seed was planted in my brain, and a big ole idea came to life. It was one of those days where ideas just keep a comin' out of nowhere, and if you don't stop to write them down, they will disappear or torture you forever.

In those 24 hours I thought my brain and heart was gonna essssplode!

What I didn't know, was that my brain and heart would actually explode, but not why you think...not because of the endless inflow of creative energy stuff...nope, it was from me trying to STUFF all that awesome-ness into a box until I was ready...no...PERFECT for it. 

Fast forward to now after battling an eternity with a self proclaimed illness called "Not Good Enough-Ness", I've learned a buttload- for a lack of a better term. I've been through the trenches. I lived the pain. And I made my way through to the other side. 

How the heck did I know I was on the other side!?

I saw the light...hehehehe, no I'm just kiddn'. I knew I made it to the other side because I finally kept a gosh darn promise I made to myself. It was to acknowledge that:

Model: Cameron S.

Model: Cameron S.

I'm enough. Right...Frick'n Now! 

For my ...32nd birthday- gosh I had to think there for a second of how "young" I was lol- I decided to give myself the biggest, bestest- yes I know that's not a word, but just hang in there with me- baddest present EVVVVAHHHH.

To allow myself and those ideas to be SEEN and finally see the light of day!

And here's why it's important:

During my 7 years of trying to piece ALL OF THIS and my SANITY together, I realized...

I can't be the only one dealing with this!

And in my research I discovered, sadly, I wasn't.

This "PERFECTION-ITIS" and all the "Not Feeling Good Enough-Ness" was a REAL struggle for so many other women. 


What I have learned in the last 7 years has blown my mind. I believe if women can see themselves through a compassionate lens, life could be so much sweeter...for EVERYBODY! And...get ready for the nausea to set in because I'm going to say a word that's hard for most women...

We need to be the example of SELF-LOVE, not self-hate, in order for our children to know how to love themselves and to lead healthy, happy lives also. 

It starts with us, so we have to gain the courage to:

Stop stuffing ourselves in the "Not-Good-Enough-Box" and quit robbing ourselves of joy! 

So here I am. Diving head first into the pool of vulnerability. Because God dammit, I'm enough! And so are you! 

Nobody benefits when you keep your authentic self a secret. I know it's flipping scary. I understand completely the fears associated of being seen and owning our story.


But don't you worry your pretty lil face. Cause you're not alone. 

I'm here in the the thick of it all: living, researching, sharing, & illuminating a path to show you...

Anew Perspective 

Model: Cameron S.

Model: Cameron S.

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